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"Pixelsplosion Studios was founded by two teenagers, Phillip Blackfeld and Ryan Quigley, during their freshman year of high school. With Phillip's coding abilities and Ryan's artistic abilities, they were able to start creating games. With help of school friends, they began their own company, Pixelsplosion.

Pixelsplosion Studios' main purpose is to create games for people to enjoy, and we hope that we will accomplish just that. We will never have microtransactions in our games. Please note, microtransactions does not include DLC." -as stated on the company's website and on their official Discord.


Pixelsplosion Studios was founded on October 5th, 2017 by two teenagers. Phillip Blackfeld and Ryan Quigly. They had an initial co-founder of Max Bishop-Grennan, but then later switched around positions and stuck with just the two. They started off initially brainstorming ideas on what games would be satisfactory and fit the company’s theme. Their first idea was Desolation: Island of the Wendigo but saved it for later development. One day, Phillip saw that Unreal Engine (the game engine they are currently using) had different options for starter content and noticed the top-down feature. He was always a fan of RTS and top-down games, so he decided to create one, hence starting the project Aloane, which is also the first game ever created by the company.


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